Some Rare Blood Disorders


The blood is the lifeline of the body. Every part of the body needs bloods to survive. When a person has a blood condition it is very dangerous. There is a list of rare blood disorders that people experience.
People that have this disorder have a low number of red blood cells. It can lead to fatigue and shortness of breath.
Polycythemia vera
This condition occurs when there are too many blood cells. The cause is unknown and this can lead to blood clots.
This condition is from a mosquito and attacks the red blood cells. It can cause chill, a fever, and organ damage.
This cancer affects the white blood cells and turns them malignant in the bone marrow. This condition may be fatal.
This condition reduces the platelet number in the blood and may lead to blood clots.
These are some of the conditions that affect the blood cells. While they are rare they can be fatal.